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    Sum / Aggregate not working as expected (chart vs. table)



      I'm having trouble figuring out why the sum (based on an aggregation) does not work... Well, it seems to return the first encountered value instead of summing up the values.

      The screenshot below should explain better:


      When using the table object, you can see that for product 'rapc translator' is requested twice. When making the sum of both you would expect to see as list price 17600 (8800 + 8800) and as fixed price 8800 (0 + 8800).


      This is the expression I'm using:

      - List price: sum(aggr([Product License List Price],[Product Name]))

      - Fixed price: sum(aggr([Product License Fixed Price],[Product Name]))


      FYI, Just peforming a sum gives me a way to high figure... performing a max or min returns either the last or the first figure (0 or 8800) so the data can be retrieved but the sum ain't working.


      Any help is higly appreciated.


      Kind regards,