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    Best practice Conditional show?



      I am creating containers with charts and I was wondering what best practice and most optimal is with keeping charts on a hidden page. The container seems to be a bit slow sometimes with calculating the chart and sometimes I get an error message otr chart is displayed only partially.


      How shall I go about when I have containers with charts, should I have a hidden page with the same charts or should I only have the one version? Are there different recommendations for different scenarios?


      Thank you for any recommendations

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          The best practice to representing multiple charts on a single dashboard is by using containers. However, for large datasets or tables involving complex calculations, seemingly containers might not be the best choice.


          In other words, using too many charts in a single container is perhaps the cause of the issue.


          To avoid this, you may try one of the following:


          1. Reduce the number of charts per container and instead split these charts into multiple containers.


          2. Show/Hide charts using button actions.This way you can, place multiple charts in the same position and toggle between them using Show/Hide buttons. Since only one chart can be active in the container at once, using buttons to conditonally display them will not significantly alter your idea of implementation.


          Yes, you can place different containers on  different sheets but not without warranting redundant objects spread across different sheets of your application.


          P.S:  You can also align all the charts at the same place and use the Auto-minimize feature. (see Chart Properties - Caption - and check the box for Auto Minimize. This also works in the same way - only one chart will be visible (maximized) at a given time while others remain minimized. This approach also optimizes the performance of the application since QV only tends to perform calculations when the chart is activated (maximized/restored, in this case). So far charts with heavy calculations, using Auto Minimize might prove to be a good alternative to containers.


          Hope that helps.