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    Percentage of People from section

      Good Day All,


         I am rather New to Qlikview and I am trying to calculate a percentage.  Something I thought would be easy, but I am having a problem.  Each location pays for there own personnel.  Sometimes work in another section get overwhelming and so personnel are moved from other areas to help out.  In order to get a better handle on manning we want to look at the percentage of people from outside the section for each section by project (Job).


      The attached is the output I am getting.  The Total Workers and Not from Location totals have been validated using the following code;


           Total Workers = aggr(count(DISTINCT Who), Job)


           Not from Local = aggr(If ([Local #] <> [LocalHome],count(DISTINCT [LocalHome]),0),Job)


      Using the two above I thought I would just make a combination of the two to ge the percentage using the following code;  


          % Not Local = sum(aggr(If ([Local #] <> [LocalHome],count([LocalHome]),0),Job)) / sum(aggr(Count( Distinct Who), Job))



      Any suggestions would be most welcome, thank you.





      Percent Manned Jan2013.jpg