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    Aggregating averages -- aggr()?

    Georgina Spary

      Hello folks


      I am really stuck on this and was due to release the report today! so really hoping you can help.


      The attached shows an average score for students, against a heirarchy of dimensions: student number, programme, department, faculty. Each student has only one score. Each student is studying 2 programmes: BI and one other.


      I am trying to avoid double-counting the students at Faculty level while showing an accurate figure at programme and student level. see attached for 2 failed versions.


      Thanks in advance



        • Re: Aggregating averages -- aggr()?
          Stefan Wühl

          Maybe like this?



          / Count(aggr( [Student Number]*[Valid Tariff Count],Faculty,Department, Programme, [Student Number]))



          Above is probably not what you want, I missed the part with the not-counting duplicate Student Numbers.


          If you rework your data model so that the student number's tariff is a distinct table, I think your version A should match your requirement.


          Please check attached.