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    How to adjust timeformats in line charts?

      Hi all,


      I want to make a line chart that displays a person's performance (result in time) at certain dates. The performances are stored in miliseconds, so I have to adjust this number to a timeformat, for which I am using this expression:


      =time( ( Performance / 86400000 ) ,'mm:ss.ff')                =>   f.e. 01:59.50 is stored as 119500  and 119500/86400000 is used to get the correct time.


      It results in this view:


      The problem is that I don't want to show values on data points, but I want the Y-axis to show time periods as 02:00.00, 01:55.00, etc.


      I have tried to adjust the number format settings to time (-> mm:ss.ff), but this will only adjust the values on data points and not the Y-axis.


      Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this problem?



      Thanks in advance!