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    Get focus back on the application



      I am using macro code to show an "Open file"-dialog via Excel wich i found here: http://qlikviewmaven.blogspot.se/2009/03/browse-for-file-macro-button.html


      Sub Browse_for_File
         Set oXL=CreateObject("Excel.Application")
         f_name=oXL.GetOpenFilename("All Files (*.*),*.*",,"Select file",False)
         If f_name="False" then 
            Set oXL=nothing
            Exit sub
         End If
         Set oXL=nothing
         Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
         objShell.AppActivate "QlikView - [Test]"
         Set objShell=Nothing
      End Sub 



      The problem is that when i use the sub, qlikview looses focus and another window gets focus.

      Is there a way to solve this?  Tried  objShell.AppActivate

      Won't even work when i loop through names and get the window title from the application..


      Attached is a test application.