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    General advice for enterprise deployments using Citrix

    Nick Blewden



      We are looking to deploy QlikView server so that AccessPoint is visible through a Citrix connection for end users.  I have not had experience of deploying with Citrix before (but I have with Qlikview), what would be involved with setting this up that would be different to the standard enterprise deployment?


      1. Would the QlikView server deployment be the same (e.g. one app server, one web server) but a Citrix web service must be used instead of the standard QlikView service on the web server?

      2. Can licenses be managed in the same way in the QMC or does the Citrix authentication mean this has to be handled differently? ... I have seen some posts of users having to log in and share licenses under Citrix for example (I would not be comfortable doing that).

      3. What are the steps for users in logging in to AccessPoint using Citrix?  I imagine the following but could be wrong...

           a. Connect using Citrix

           b. If connected to a secure desktop then open up a browser from there, if using Citrix authentication from local machine open up a browser

           c. Navigate to AccessPoint URL (as normal)

           d. Log in with a user specific login (as normal)

           e. User uses applications (as normal)





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          Bill Markham



          I guess that there is already a Citrix Farm set up, at least one Citrix Server allocated for QlikView Clients, and IT staff who manange the Citrix Farm.  [If not I'd suggest you approach a Citrix forum and get your cheque book out]


          A Citrix Application needs to be published to start up your preferred web browser pointing at the AccessPoint url. When this Citrix Application is started by the End User, or you for testing,  It will simply open the Web Browser to the AccessPoint url.


          This Web Browser session will be using the AD [Active Directory] credentials that the Citrix Application was started with.


          For the backend QlikView Server deployment it is just a bog standard QlikView / QMC / licencing set up.


          So assuming you have competent Citrix Administrators and you are competent at QlikView deployment it should be dead easy.


          But, and there is always a but, QlikView CAL's can only be leased to 2 hardware clients.  So an AD User can only use a Citrix Application with a maximum of 2 Citrix Servers.  [Or 1 Citrix Server if a user's laptop aleady has leased a CAL].  You probably know more about QV licencing than I do.


          In my opinion deploying QlikView via Citrx has no pro's, but plenty of con's such as of extra administration, servers and Citrix licence costs.


          Citrix is great for running thick clients, as it converts it into an ultra thin client.  QlikView web browser clients are already thin, so this benefit is not valid.


          Many IT houses are entrenched in Citrix though and have policies enforcing its usage.  If that is the case then you probably have no option but to deploy via Citrix.


          If you are in a position to avoid Citrix for End Users, then I would wholeheartedly recommend avoiding it.



          Note:  For developers using the QlikView desktop, I would though wholeheatedly endorse them using Citrix desktop[s] where the back end Citrix Server[s] are close to the servers where the source data resides.    Running QV load scripts is a very, very thick client and converting to ultra thin with Citrix makes it possible to develop over slow WAN's.  [I have set up QV Desktop clients using RDP / Terminal services which works great. Citrix itself exploits Terminal Services under the bonnet]



          Best Regards,   Bill