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    App viewed from Access Point - how to save it via Macro?

    Iliyan Somlev

      Hi dear community,


      The macro I wrote to save my App.qvw contains this for saving it:


      ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName




      It works from desktop in the following way - App is opened and when user presses the button for save this triggers the macro. It works correctly and the name of the App.qvw is changed to FileName.qvw (the string is correctly written in FileName), then FileName.qvw is saved and closed and the original App.qvw remains unchanged and in its place (closed).


      Now when this macro is run from Access point (QV 11 SR2 - from AJAX there is no reaction, but from IEPlugin it starts) it works correctly up to the part where the macro code above should be executed. Then it gives the error (see attched pic) Macro parse failed.


      I think I understand why the task is impossibly to run in this way - it renames the currently viewed application on the access point and this will make it impossible for the browser to sustain the web page if the macro code is executed. Still I need this functionality, when the user decides, from the browser, to create a local copy of the application by pressing a button (and the original application should remain intact).


      Do you know if this is possible to be done this way?


      Thank you.