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    Reload Action Does Not Work In Access Point!

      Dear Community,



      I have QlikView 11 SR2 (x64) and QVS available. My document has a button-action to reload the QVW and it works fine in the Client version.



      Reload action doesn't work when triggered from Access Point.

      The problem is not specific to a particular document but seems to exist for all my documents.


      I have tried reloading from Access Point using Full Browser as well as IE Plug in but in vain.

      I have also tried the same using QV 11 SR1 and it still does not work.


      Technical Particulars:


      QV 11 SR2

      Version: 11.0.11440.0

      Licensed: Yes

      Browser: IE with QV Plugin for IE


      Has anyone experienced something similar before?


      Please find my QVW sample attached for reference.