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    In set-analysis, how to I get the data for one YearMonth-period prior to first period in my selection?

      I have a calendar in my qvw that gives me a field called PeriodCounterCurrent. It starts at 1 and counts every month since 1990-01. In a text object I have the following code,


      = COUNT ( {$ <      PeriodCounterCurrent = {$(#=MIN(PeriodCounterCurrent)) }     > } DISTINCT EmployeeNumber)


      that counts the total employees in my selection. It works fine.


      What I need is to push the condition back one period, to get the number of employees for the period before my first period in the selection. Let's say that I have a selection of jan-mar 2012 (201201-201203) which in my case corresponds to 265-267 in PeriodCounterCurrent. I need to know the number of employees for PeriodCounterCurrent = 264.


      I have tried the following,


      = COUNT ( {$ <      PeriodCounterCurrent = {$(#=MIN(PeriodCounterCurrent) -1 ) }     > } DISTINCT EmployeeNumber)


      but that only gives me 0 as a result.


      I'm new to QV, and I use the documentation a lot. What I base my code on it the following,


      sum(  {$<Year = {$(#=Only(Year)-1)}>} Sales )


      taken from the reference guide, page 812.


      What am I doing wrong?