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    Mapping load


      Does mapping load requires two columns of data? Is it necessary?

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          Mohit Sharma

          the purpose of using mapping load is to drop one field of one table to other table

          for this in two tables you have must  one primary key then using mapping load,

          load 1st field which is primary key to both table and through that field load another field which you want to drop it in another table while execution...

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            Vishwaranjan Kumar


            the concept of mapping table is that,

            the mapped table(table1) have atleast two column(field name), 1st column must be primary key and on the basis of it we mapped the 2nd column from table2.

            primary key must be common in both table.


            mapping load


                           productname     from table1;


            load orderid,




            Applymap('table1',productid) as productname

            from table2;


            hope this helps you.