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    Dealer Analysis - Monthly

    Suresh Rawat

      Hi All,


      I am making a report on Dealer Analysis month wise in which i have to present Retail Sales, Wholesale & Dealer Stock on month basis. In this report i am easily getting Retail Sales & wholesale, but i am stuck while taking dealer stock monthly from my system directly. Actually i am getting dealer stock from oracle database.

           If someone make such report plz share an idea with me, or if someone is getting a dealer stock monthly plz share the query for that.



      Thanks & Regards

      Suresh Rawat

        • Re: Dealer Analysis - Monthly

          It depends whether your system provides you with some sort of Item status record's stock level figure. If it does, it may only be available for the latest point in time.

          To present the stock balances back through the preceeding months you may need to calculate the balance yourself from stock movements. A shortcut I've used before though is to take the item balance amount captured on sales and purchase orders that took the figures from the item status record's tock level figure.