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    Sorting in Expressions using "Sort by Expression" in Straight Table


      Long time lerker here and I have search everywhere but couldn't find the solution for this.

      This is what I have (in 8.5)

      A straight table with 1 dimension and 4 expressions


      Exp1 = SEP
      Exp2 = OCT
      Exp3 = NOV
      Exp4 = DEC

      I am using "Username" as a dimention (group by) then sum Exp1/2/3/4 in Expressions using Sum(Exp1) and so forth...

      Here's what the table looks like

      Username SEP OCT NOV DEC
      John 100 200 300 400
      Smith 9 900 30 99
      Jim -80 100 -88 -70

      I would like to be able to sort by absolute value (FABS) when clicking on SEP, OCT, NOV and DEC.

      I have tried using this, FABS(SUM(EXP1)), which doesn't work and I saw that you can't sort via expression when summing the field.

      Is there a work around for this?


      Please help!