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    Issue : Cumulative Graph

    Suresh Rawat

      Hi All,


      I make a report that shows 4 analysis on the basis of Days :-

      i) Current Month Data(Cumulative) - Jan,2013 - Line Graph

      ii) Previous Month Data(Cumulative)- Dec, 2012 - Line Graph

      iii) Previous Year Month Data(Cumulative) - Jan,2012 - Line Graph

      iv) Current Month - Jan 2013 - Bar Chart


      But in that report I have data till 9th of Jan, 2013 and I want Current Month Data(Cumulative) line graph will stop on 9th(Show in Blue Line) either the line extends till end of the month by showing similar figure that is on 9th jan throughout the month.


      For reference please go to the attached image.




      Thanks & Regards

      Suresh Rawat

        • Re: Issue : Cumulative Graph

          You can set the colour of the line under the [+] symbol next to the expression. If this date is less than or eqaul today blue, if greater than today then white. Problem with that is that if a line intersects the flat line later in the month it gets a break in it.

          You can also add an if test around your expression, something like:



          sum({<TransDate={'>=$(MTDStart) <=$(MTDEnd)'}>} Sales)



          This will drop the line down to zero. You can then go to the presentation properties and tick the Suppress zero values setting. Be careful however as this will exclude dates from the x axis if there is not data for them.