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    Qv-User-Manager: Error "Document folder access rights are required!"

    Roland Stadler

      To maintain license cost allocation in our company, I need to retrieve the license information from the QlikView server.


      The Qv-User-Manager from PowerTools 1.1 seems to do exactly that. It works in principle, howerver I cannot extract certain information, e.g. Doc CAL info.


      In the resulting text file "cal.csv" of the example QVW application, all Named User CALs are listed. After that, all Doc CALs should be listet, but I only get the error "System.Exception: Document folder access rights are required!" on the last line.


      The user that runs the command has every privilege there is, I even tried to run it using the QlikView service user.


      Has anyone experienced similar issues?



      Thanks for your support!