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    How to Create Bread Crumb Navigation

      Hello QlikViewers,


      I need some help with a business requirement of creating a bread Crumbs type of navigation structure. So basically what I want is something like below:


      QlikView Mait tab>Chart 2 on Main Tab> Chart 3 on Tab2> Main tab Chart 1>....and so on.


      This navigation list should be clickable so that one can follow the mouse clicks he.she did back and forth. Please notice that this functionality is not the same as Back and Forward buttons in QlikView because what all these buttons do is clear the selections one by one, but they do not move you to different tabs to take you back the path you took to arrive at the current QlikView tab from other tabs and chart objects. I hope I am clear in my requirement, but please let me know if you need more information.


      The above navigation path needs to be Clikable so that one can jump across few tabs back in the navigation just by clicking the respective section on the Bread crumb above.


      Would be great if you can share your thoughts.





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          You can directly navigate to another chart by clicking on one. However, you can smartly align buttons at the bottom of the chart. Use the Activate Sheet triggers on these buttons (check for Trigger under Action tab) and specify the sheet you want to activate appropriately.


          Alternatively, you can use variables and set them at button click to navigate to a different tab point to a particular chart.


          Please check the attachment for a sample.


          Hope it helps.





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              Hi Khaled,


              Actually my requirement is to have a website like navigation, which shows the path I have taken to reach the current chart or tab. Now creating buttons for that I am not sure how they will function.


              Regarding the variables, can you set a variable each time with the object ID of the tab/chart you navigate to and then use a string to concatenate these paths and make them Clickable?


              My developer license got messed up and I cannot lease it from the publisher anymore. So cannot see your file.





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              kjh hjjh



              Just create a textbox and use an expression like the following. It's a lot of work, but it works


              =if(getselectedcount(Temporada)>0,concat(distinct Temporada,', ') & '/') &

              if(getselectedcount(Especie)>0,concat(distinct Especie,', ') & '/')  &

              if(getselectedcount(SemanaAñoZarpe)>0,concat(distinct SemanaAñoZarpe,', ') & '/') &

              if(getselectedcount(SemanaZarpe)>0,concat(distinct SemanaZarpe,', ') & '/' ) &

              if(getselectedcount([Tipo Transporte])>0,concat(distinct [Tipo Transporte],', ') & '/' ) &

              if(getselectedcount([Region Final])>0,concat(distinct [Region Final],', ') & '/' ) &

              if(getselectedcount([Pais Final])>0,concat(distinct [Pais Final],', ') & '/' ) &

              if(getselectedcount([Variedad Rotulada])>0,concat(distinct [Variedad Rotulada],', ') & '/') &

              if(getselectedcount(Exportador)>0,concat(distinct Exportador,', ') & '/') &

              if(getselectedcount(Recibidor)>0,concat(distinct Recibidor,', ') & '/')


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                Ishtdeep Singh

                Please share your data or app.


                Thank you!

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                  Jason Campbell

                  !I attached the shell of a template I sometimes use.  It has the start of breadcrumb navigation, but can be built out if needed using GetActiveSheetID the logic in kjh hjjh's text box.


                  See the load script for details.  Name your tabs (sheets) in the load script.  Then, change the Sheet ID to the same name.  Navigation is done.  You'll see the breadcrumb start.  Place your GetActiveSheetID logic there and that should do it.


                  Maybe this can help.