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    Fiscal Vs Calendar Year Toggle checkbox?

      Hello QlikViewers,


      I need some help with a requirement. I would have to show some metrics by Fiscal Year and Calendar year. Its required that a check box toggle box be created, which if checked uses calendar year, else it shows Fiscal year. I can create to different Month and Year list boxes, one for Fiscal and one for Calendar. But am struggling with how to put them on top of each other and flip through them based on the Fiscal year? checkbox. Had a hard time trying to place the objects on top of each other in a Container.


      Could you please suggest some way of achieving this functionality. Thanks a lot.





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          Sebastian Pereira

          Hi Raghu,


          If I understood, you need to select dynamically the dimmention of a graph, with (for example) fiscal_date or calendar_date.


          You could try creating a INLINE table, with only two registers in a field (this field must be different than other in the application)



          LOAD * INLINE [

              date_type, date_type_field

              Calendar, calendar_date

              Fiscal, fiscal_date



          The 'date_type' field is what you will select, with a simple list box. The content of 'date_type_field' is the different field names that contains one or other kind of date.


          Now, in your graphs, add a 'Calculated Dimention'= date_type_field


          Your graph will get the dimmention you have selected in 'date_type'. You should check 'Always one selected value' in the listbox of date_type, because if you don't do that, the graph can't know which one to use.