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    Problem in set analysis

      Hello everyone thanks in advance for taking the time to check this.


      I have the next expression to get the balance in wich i have to sum(Debit-Credit) but i have to do this from the first record to the last like accumulating the values, so i use this expression:


      sum({$<RefDate={"<=$(=Max(RefDate))"}, Year={'*'}, Month={'*'}>} Debit-Credit)


      this works fine when i have only Account as dimension like this:





      The problem is when i add the month dimension it does not accumulate the values and i get this:



      As you can see the totals are the same as the first table but the amount im getting its only for april so i would like to have it in april in the second table so im guessing its a problem with the set analysis i hope someone has already done something similar and it could help