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    Create a custom sort order of items on a Pivot Chart

      Hi Community,


      I'm looking to create a custom sort list in a pivot table. I want to enable the ability to define a sort order for a list of products so that when a user selects them, they will appear in an order based on priority.  For example,


      For the following products, I have numbered them in the order of priority. 


      1.  Lemonade

      2.  Cranberry

      3.  Mango Punch

      4.  Limeade

      5.  Classic Margarita


      But when I select these products, they do not appear in this order.  From left to right, they currently appear in the following order


      Classic Margarita




      Mango Punch


      How do I enable it so that I can predetermine an order by which a product appears on a pivot chart.  As the screen shot below illustrates, the order is not what I would like.  It's currently displaying in the following order 5, 2, 1, 4, 3.



      custom sort.jpg