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    Multiple expressions in same pivot table column?

    Jason Michaelides

      Hi all,


      I'm wondering if anyone can come up with a way of achieving the following.  Every way I try gets really messy!  My business has been used to things a certain way (in Excel, of course!) for a long time.  They are largely embracing a different way of thinking with QlikView but we still have one or two sticking points to get through.  One of them is as follows:


      I have a pivot table with 3 dimensions, Region, Category and Customer. There is a single expression Sum(Sales)Category is one of two values - SME, or Enterprise.


      My requirement is two-fold:

      1. Category should have a partial sum only where the value is SME
      2. Under the SME total within each Region, should be a completely separate expression - Sum(Sales)/Sum(TOTAL Sales), expressed as a percentage.


      I know this is completely against the logic of a pivot table - I just wondered if any of you lateral thinkers out there had a bright idea...!?