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    Split year into six months and show all values for the dimension within half-year


      I want to show yearly data split into two half-years. I put this expression as a calculated dimension:

      =if(Month='jul' or Month ='aug' or Month = 'sep' or Month = 'oct' or Month = 'nov' or Month = 'dec', Month)

      and it works fine.

      But I always want the month dimension to show even if there are no values in the expressions. Problem is that when I check suppress when value is null and check show all values on the dimension and uncheck Show zero values in presentaion it doesn't work.

      I know it works if I don't use the calculated dimension but then I don't get the split into six months :).

      Any ideas? Id rather use some form of split on the dimension than the expression, otherwise I have to do over all the expressions used.