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    Pradip Sen

      Hi Experts,


           I'm new in qlikview. So can any one help me "When should we use a link table in qlikview?".


      Thanx in advance.


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          khadeer basha

          Hi Pradeep,


          Link tables are generally used for linking the two table or the fact tables.

          Let us go with an example..

          As we know that when we are designing the datamodel synthetic keys and circular loop are common.

          For fixing this problems we use the link table concept.

          You can also use concatenation ,but it always not give the appropiate result.

          Concatenation works well enough when we have all the fields same.

          With the use of link tables, it’s possible to keep the facttables separated from each other. The advantage of this solution   for choosing this method is to keep the datamodel a logical one.


          see the below link it helps u more



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            Hi PRADIP SEN


            See the attached files.


            The file called wrong is how it is not suppose to look like and the file called right is how it should look like. So if your table structure is the same as the "Wrong" image,you need to change it.


            Hope it helps



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              Mohit Sharma

              for creating a loop to define data from one table to another make sure of primary key

              we use link table to define data of one table to another... to reduce redundancy.......

              with help of

              Using an OUTER JOIN in the key table resolved the issue.  Concatenate resulted in multiple rows for each index