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    csv file load issue identical field names different data

    Brett Hull

      Wondered if you could help me out with this issue I am having with a csv file load. I am loading a csv extract from an  SAP product table that has 2 identical field names but different data in each field. The first field is an  alpha numeric code and the second is a description.



      The issue



      When I load this file and rename these fields to Product code and Product description, they are both populated with the description data from the second field. If you comment out the second field, it still loads the description from the second field and not the code from the first field. I have never come across this issue and I am assuming that it is skipping the contents of the first field for some reason. Bizarre!



      I have tried separating the columns, but it still happens. If you load the file without the embedded column names, it loads as normal.



      Attached is an example of what I am loading. Am missing something obvious