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    How to make a coloured monthchart/pivot for absence from work

    Göran Hofstedt


      A time ago I came across a picture that shows a chart with abcence from work in a PA-app in qv. I have now been trying to do the same but don´t succed. I have uniq personID and hours of absence. Also start and stop date for the absence.


      Can someone help me, or maybe someone have a demo with something similar. I guess it also can be used to show days a frontend-support are most busy, or when there are most customers bying stuff and so on. But I can´t find any demo, maybe i don´t know what terms I should search for.


      The chart use dimensions YearMonth and on the top it´s Day of the month, in the colured coulmns it´s the dayname that are shown (swedish in this pic)



      Any suggestion?