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    Loading specific field data from an Excel spreadsheet and creating QVD File

      I'm looking for some assistance please.


      I need to load data from a multi-sheet excel workbook and then create a QVD file with the data. Please refer to my sample workbook.


      Each sheet contains header information in the same cells. i.e Cell C3 = Company Name; Cell H3 = Date; H4 = Quote Reference; H6 = Rep Code.

      Then I have multiple transaction lines. The "Our Reference", "Quantity" and "Unit Price" is the column data I need.

      I need to take this data and load it into a QVD file as line transactions i.e

      Transaction Line 1 should be loaded as "Company Name" + "Date" + "Quote Reference" + "Rep Code" + "Our Reference" + "Quantity" + "Unit Price"

      Transaction Line 2 should be the same except for the "Our Reference"; "Quantity" and "Unit Price" pertaining to that specific transaction.


      Once I have loaded all of the data for the sheet, I need to move onto the next sheet and append that data to the same QVD file.


      Thank you