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    Create a QVD When....

      Hi Experts


      I really hope you can help me out with this issue

      I am loading data in from Excel to Qlikview - but I now have a requirement for data as at a specific value dates - the third working day of the month !!


      I was going to try an create a QVD file only on the 3rd working day of the month and save it down with a variable name so I would have each of the Time values. But I am not sure how to script that where function


      Below is the very basic script I'm starting with - Any guidance would be greatly appreciated


      Thanks a mill




      LET vFileDate = Date(Today(), 'YYYYMMDD');


      LOAD *
      FROM [S:Qlikview\Tester\Incremental loads\Data.xls]
      (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);

      STORE DailyData INTO $(vFileDate).qvd (qvd);

      DROP TABLE DailyData;

      LOAD Date,
      FROM *.qvd (qvd);