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    User is being prompted to auto Install IE plugin even though he has Latest !!!

    Phaneendra Kunche

      Recently we have migrated to QV11 SR2 11440 build and enabled auto prompt to install IE plugin by changing the "opendoc.htm" to "opendoc_fix.htm".


      I have a particlular user and he is being prompted everytime even though he has latest plugin.


      this is just happening for a single user...every other machine is fine..


      Below are the things i have tried.

      1. uninstalled plugin.

      2. removed all registry entries using "cccleaner"

      3. manually deleted qlikocx values from registry. Actually deleted everything that came up on searching "Qlik".


      Still no use, and he is being prompted again and again to install the plugin. Kind of annoying...



      i am not sure if that "opendoc-fix.htm" is able to check for "CLSID" on his machine.

      Guessing that his internet explorer is preventing to read the registry entry...


      User system config:

      Windows Xp with IE 8.


      Can any one have idea? or any IE settings that we can tweak to resolve this isse?