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    How do I get a Qlikview file on the web?

      I've heard that we are suppose to use Access Point.  I'm not sure how to get access point?  How do I "publish" a file as a webpage and view it?  We did not buy Publisher but our sales guy told me we didn't need to purchase Publisher to work with qlikview files on the web. 

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          khadeer basha

          If you installed qlikview server then you are able to see (QA)Qlikview Access Point and QMC(Qlikview Management Console). There is no need to purchase publish file, You will get both in Qlikview Server.



          open Qlikview Management Console of your qlikview server in Browser.

          Go to QlikView Server settings -> Folder.


          There is is root folder and occassionally mounted folders.


          Save the qvw File to one of those folders. For reload, you need to assure that the data access is given also from the server (xls files accessible, ODBC connections created etc.).


          Under User documents, refresh list. You should see your document.

          Under User documents, Server settings, access point access methods, check the appropriate methods for your web access.


          With a server account, you should see the document in the QlikView Access Point.



          Hope it will Helps you.