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    Safari iPad access point/general issue

    Jakob Fabian

      Hello everyone,


      we have a server to which we would like to connect via iPad. We're using DMS and a Custom Directory as we're building up this server to later host applications that will be accessed externally.


      However, connecting to the Access Point with Safari on iPad is simply not possible. Safari will simply get stuck either during the "loading content" screen and then jump straight to the "Login Failed" screen. The same behaviour can be observed in Safari for Windows (5.1.7 for Windows).

      It works fine with all other ways to connect that we've tried so far (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Chrome for iPad, and even the QlikView for IOS App). Clearing Safari's cache doesn't do anything either.


      I stumbled upon this discussion earlier here in QlikCommunity, and it seems to be somewhat similar. Is the mentioned bug maybe still an issue in our QlikView Server (11.0.11414.0)?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,

      best regards,