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    Qlikview IIS Setup - Webticket

      Hello everyone!


      I am trying to get my qlikview accespoint to work via an iframe - But i cant sent my user through.


      The thing is that i have an portal where a user logs in. When he is logged he needs to be able to go a pane where qlikview accespoint is, but i dont want him to login again. I want him to use the same credientials as he used for the login to the portal.


      I know its something with webticket and IIS - but im just one step behind to make it work. Anyone with experience it this?


      From setting up IIS, to manage controls and qlikview accespoint security.


      So i want the user to be reconized by accespoint when he logs in - and only to be able to see his own docouments in his accespoint.


      Hope its understandable otherwise write and i will try to make it more clear.


      But here is the mainpoints:


      1: Sent a user through to accespoint via webticket without loggin in again (should use login from the portal)

      2: Make him able to only see his own accespoint documents


      Thanks in advanaced!