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    Issue with Back/Forward actions

    Jonathan Dau

      Hi everyone,


      I've got an issue I want to discuss with you because I don't find a solution. Here is the problem:


      I've created a button to display or hide some selection boxes. I'm using a Set Variable action to change the value of the variable and then display or hide the filters. Everything works great of course.


      But during the navigation when you display the filters, make some selections, hide the filters and then press the back button the filters are displayed again. It's of course normal because the variable value comes back to the previous state. But I would like to go back to the previous selection without changing back the value of the variable that displays my filters. I've tried to use Alternate States but unsuccessfully.


      Do you have any idea ?


      If you don't understand the issue because of my imprecise explanations you can have a look at the attached application.