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    Sum only the selected dimension

      Hello everybody,


      first of all I want to explain the Situation.


      I have a table with a few facts.


      Facts are for example:

      Incoming, Closed and Entry


      And I create a new Dimension:

      LOAD * INLINE [







      I want to display the facts in a chart.

      Yes I dont need this dimension, but I want to use two Charts.

      One Chart with all of these Facts and one Chart where I can see more details.

      The Dimension will help me to choose the facts I want (i ve got more then 3... about 10)


      So it would be nice to make a descission which fact i want to watch in detail.


      Can you help me?

      I startet du make a chart with the dimension facts.

      Now I dont know how to write the expression to solve my problem...


      Hope you can help me... may be I am on the wrong way