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    Script load order for left join and left join load

    Jonathan Love

      I have a script that says   "LOAD ... From MyTable"  And then it does a Left Join Load  To set a flag where more than one of a particular item exists in a particular place -   "Left Join Load Location_Id__c,  //WO Location WO_Id, if(count(WO_Id)>0,1,0) as Flag_WO_Exists Resident Work_order group by Location_Id__c, WO_Id;"  Which works fine.  However I want to left join MyTable on MyOtherTable  "Left Join (MyTable) ... From MyOtherTable"  and do another Left Join Load  Left Join Load Location_Id__c, //  WO Location Affected_IB_Device, if(count(Affected_IB_Device)>0,1,0) as Flag_WD_IB_Exists Resident Work_order group by Location_Id__c, //Group by Location then WO  Affected_IB_Device;  I tried to do it sequentially just as above and it failed.  I then did the table joins (MyTable to MyOtherTable) and put the left outer joins at the end and that failed as well.  Any thoughts?