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    dynamic table creation and inserting values in it inside a script.

      Hello techies,


      Can any one help me out in creating a table dynamically inside the script.


      Let me explain my situation clearly first.


      I have 2 plants consisting of 20 and 25 QVDs each(some qvds are common in both the plants)


      I have to load these qvds into qlikview and concatenate the common qvds and store this again in the form of a qvd.Besides this I have to store other uncommon qvds as well.


      For these I used 2 For loops for loading both the plants QVDs exclusively.At the same time I want to create a dynamic table with a single column containing all the QVD names so that I can concatenate the common QVDs by using these QVD names and store.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.