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    Field value corresponding to highest possible value of another field



      I really hope somebody can help me here. I thought this was going to be simple to do but am apparently missing something...


      In the attached .qvw I have a straight table where I'm trying to show Status, Completion and Revenue values for each Project but only where Cal_ID has the highest possible value for each specific Project and within the current selection.


      I've tried using set analysis along with a max(Cal_ID) variable but that doesn't seem to work. I've also tried several combinations with aggr and rank but that didn't crack it either.


      Can you help please?


      Below is how the staight table should look in the end:


      ProjectProject StatusCompletion to Month End (Fixed)Fixed Revenue
      Project ACompleted100,00%€ 12.500,00
      Project BCompleted100,00%€ 30.000,00
      Project COngoing50,00%€ 18.224,00
      Project DOngoing92,00%€ 249.432,36
      Project EOngoing95,00%€ 15.992,00
      Project FCompleted100,00%€ 12.950,00