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    QVS Tunnel Error

    Jeremy Fourman

      Hi all,


      Sorry to keep whipping this dead horse but I am kinda stuck here. I am receiving the QVSTunnel.dll error that usually indicates either

      a. tunnel is not installed/setyp on the webserver

      b. Link Machine Name needs entered.

      c. Config.xml wasn't updated


      However all of those are configured. I can execute the tunnel test and get a proper success message, from inside and outside the firewall. I have the fqdn name entered into the Link Machine Name, I have checked config.xml and this has the subdomain.domain.com entered as well.

      but nothing is seeming to work when using the plugin.


      qvp://subdomain.domain.com/Published/test.qvw?iis_authenticate=stuff&tunneler=http%3A//subdomain.domain.com/scripts/QVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3Dqvs could not be opened


      This is a distributed installation with the QVWS in a DMZ using IIS. All other services are installed within the protected network. There is a hosts file on the webserver that resolves the QVS server name. Both servers can resolve subdomain.domain.com and everything has generally been easy going until this. As a matter of fact this is the last item to check off of the setup list.


      What am I missing? Please let me know if you need more information.