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    Move expression value from "TOTAL" line from multiple sheets to a summary sheet

      Hi Experts,


      Somehow , I can't figure this out, Need help.


      I have multiple sheets in my qlikview report.  What I am trying is, to move a value from "Total" row (expression value)  from multiple sheets into a consolidated summary sheet and plot a pie chart. I am having issues doing this,


      1) In the attached spreadsheet,for sheet "DATE" , the expression I am using is ( = SUM(B)]/sum(total <Date> A) ), i.e calculate error for each DATE .  Expression is working at each row , but at TOTAL row, it is showing error as "0" . I was hoping it applies the same expression at total line as well (although, not sure what DATE it would consider at TOTAL line level. not sure if this is where it is going wrong ?)  but it is not the case.

      2) In the second sheet "Item", it is the same issue where  at each line level , the expresssion is working but at the TOTAL line level, it shows  expression gvalue = "0". The expression =SUM(B)/sum(total <BaseItem> A) ( Each base item can have multiple items, so calculating error at each baseitem level).

      3)  Move the "Error" from TOTAL, from both the sheets into a seperate summary sheet and plot a pie chart.


      Greatly appreciate your help.


      Thanks in advance ...SV