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    Value of field where max date used from given Range.

    Saurabh Pandit

      Hi all,


      I am doing development at Customer site where the following business case is given.


      They have to select a date range, vStartdate and vEnddate.


      Against which there should be a funnel chart for no. of leads in that date range.


      Now the dimension is the stage of the lead.


      The complexity arises as one lead could have changed its stage in that date range.

      So say Lead id 123 stage 10 on 22/7/2012 and lead id 123 stage 30 on 24/7/2012.


      So when I select date range of July I should see the lead counted against the latest stage, ie, 30.

      Currently it is getting counted twice at 10 as well as 30.


      Thanks for your help in advance.