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    Same expression returns different value in Straight Table

      Hi Guys,


      Please see the screenshot attached,


      I have an expression which returns the number of calls taken by a specialist and devides it by the number of weekdays in the current selection.


      The expression that calculates the number of weekdays is as follows:




      For december 2012 this returns 21 weekdays ( the correct value)


      but when I paste this exact same expression into the straight table it returns 14 (the number of unique dates that this specialist took calls)


      I need it to return 21 in the straight table so it will calculate the correct value for ave number of calls per day.


      The correct number of days is 21.


      The correct average should be 1.0476 and NOT 1.5714 like it is returning.


      Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening?


      I am literally copyinig and pasting the expression from the text box.


      Any help would be appreciated.