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    Script Error



      I'am currently trying to run a scheduled reload in QEMC (Publisher) that takes about 30min to run (i have a generated log) all the queries but then takes 20 more minutes when apparently nothign happens (i can see this in the log) and ends with the message "General Script Error".


      Anyone knows why this could be happening?



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          I've discovered that in windows event viewer it gives a message: "An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection". Anyone knows the cause of this? Thanks

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              After a day of work and a lot of experimentations I've figured that my error was due to lack of memory (more likely).


              I've been running the solution on a 8GB server but somehow, is not enough.


              I tried to reduce the amount of data from millions to hundreds and it worked out so I'm now able to do a complete reload with no script error.


              I still have the error in event viewer which i can't figure out but still, the deployment is made.


              One other possibility is the disk space availability (even if this is less probably since I've GBs free).


              So, I suggest people that get this error to try to reduce a lot of their data first and see if the error still occurs. If that's the case, try remove the project and add it again.