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    Switching from Machine Named to User Named CALs

    Scott Moon

      We are about to switch our QV 11 Server from using Machine Named CALs to User Named CALs so that we can take advantage of all the great new AJAX features. Unfortunately, I have been uunable to find any info around the Community on how to go about this. I am hoping that someone has experience with this operation and can offer some advice. I am currently running QVS 11 SR2 Build 11440. We have 53 named CALs (currently Machine Named) and 7 Session CALs.


      I am currently planning to go about it this way (on a weekend to minimize CAL usage during the process:

      • Delete all of the current Machine Named CALs, knowing that quite a few of them will be quarantined.
      • Switch the server to use User Named CALs and stop/start the QVS service.
      • Using a prioritized list, assign as many of the Named CALs to users as possible immediately, and then add the others once the quarantine period expires.



      • Is there a better way to go about this, possibly something involving CalData.pgo (e.g. back up and delete the old CalData.pgo, then reinstall/repair QVS)?
      • Will the server allow me to begin using User Named CALs while there are quarantined Machine Named CALs?


      I apreciate any help that anyone can throw my way. I am particularly anxious to get this done, because managing Machine Named CALs is a royal pain, and we are in the middle of the third round of PC replacement in the department!



      Scott Moon

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          Daniel Rozental

          Answering your questions, yes there is a better way, you could just remove all license information (get in contact with support for the steps to do that).


          Yes, server will allow named cals even if there are some cals still assigned to machine names.

          • Re: Switching from Machine Named to User Named CALs
            Scott Moon

            Almost forgot about this one. The solution turned out to be simpler than I could have hoped for.

            1. In the QMC, go to the System tab -> Licenses subtab -> select QlikView Server from the list -> Client Access Licenses (CALs) tab (right side of screen) -> Limitations subtab.
            2. Select "Limit number of CALs"
              1. Set "Named user CALs" to 0.
              2. Click Apply. All of the current CAL info will be deleted.
            3. Set Named User CALs" back to its original value (or however many of those you want to use), click Apply again to activate.
            4. Go back to the General tab and switch from "Machine name" to "User name", click Apply.
            5. Go to the "Assigned CALs" tab and add all of your named users and click Apply again.


            No quarantine, no waiting, no muss, no fuss. OK - I fussed about having to manually add 53 named users, but that was just me!


            Hope this helps someone else,