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    Automatic Date-Limitation (max day = today....) by formula

      Hello togehter,

      i have the following question, i hope its understandable.

      We have a formula to calculate the sales of a product in the chosen year -1 (you choose 2010 and it shows 2009 for comparing-purposes)






      ({$<invh_Year={$(=only(invh_Year)-1)}>}(invd_units * prod_unit))

      There is also the month and days chosable by listboxes.

      Now we want this formula, to do the following: Show me the requested data for the chosen year -1, chosen months, selected days until today´s date.

      So if we have Feb. 19.th 2010, the formula has to calculate till Feb. 19.th 2009 (without need to choose the day-range by a listbox).


      Can you help me?


      Thanks and regards!