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    display of comment not seen by Comment field

    Saumya Shah

      Using Comment Field...Is it for adding command to the fields in a sheet or reading comments from the fields in a sheet?

      I tried both but none of them worked out....

      Doubt1.) If i want to add comment for a field name say "FIELD1" in a excel sheet(Or in  qlikview table),How to do it?

      Doubt2.)If i want to read comment for a filed name say "FIELD2" having comment('abc'),how to do it?


      I have already used "COMMENT FIELD1 with 'abc';" and also "COMMENT field FIELD! with 'abc';"

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          use below script to add comments:





          Mapping load


          LOAD * INLINE [

              Field, Comment

              Field1, abc

              Field2, XYZ


          COMMENT Fields Using Comments; //multi line commnets using mapping

          COMMENT Field Field3 With '123' ; // single field comments


          LOAD * INLINE [

              Field1, Field2, Field3

              a, x, 1

              b, y, 2

              c, z, 3




          Niranjan M.