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    Nested calculations in load script



      I'm trying to use a series of if statements in the load script. I've done successfully in the past but not with nested calculations so I hope somebody can help.


      Here is what I'm working on:


        if(len(trim(Revenue2011))=0 or Revenue2011='n.a.' and len(trim(Employees2011))>0 and Employees2011 <> 'n.a.'

        and len(trim(Revenue2010))>0 and Revenue2010 <> 'n.a.' and len(trim(Employees2010))>0 and Employees2010 <> 'n.a.',


        Revenue2011) as Revenue2011


      I've highlighted the calculation the I can't get to work. Any ideas? Below is a table with some data to test it on and the actual results I'm trying to achieve with this calculation.


      Company NameRevenue2011Employees2011 Revenue2010Employees2010 Results
      Company An.a.95 $65.150.000,0087 $71.140.804,60
      Company Bn.a.20 $2.190.000,0018 $2.433.333,33
      Company C
      15 $8.957.000,0011 $12.214.090,91
      Company Dn.a.3.689 $1.516.392.000,003.986 $1.403.404.437,53
      Company En.a.65 $6.551.000,0065 $6.551.000,00
      Company En.a.394 $1.058.334.000,00200 $2.084.917.980,00
      Company F $3.500.000,0023 $3.253.000,0021 $3.500.000,00


      In reality, the scrip would be much more complex with several if statements like this but as long as I understand how to make the calculations work I should be fine.