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    Embedding qlikview object document of a specific folder in HTML


      I am using QV Server Version 11.

      What I would like to do is to take one single object of a Qlikview document not in the root folder specify in

      the server.


      Configuration server for my Root Folder : C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents

      The document I would like to open is in another path.


      My code is :

      <script type="text/javascript">

          <!-- // Script for QlikView AJAX integration -->

              var qva;

              function Init() {



                 qva = new Qva.PageBinding('new path'); //can have several binders each with their own doc and authentication etc.

                 qva.View = "Test";


      //           var doc = Qva.ExtractProperty("document", null);

        //          qva.View = doc;      //qva.View should be the relative (to the root document folder) application name on the server. Do not include the .qvw extension.


                  new Qva.Modal();


                  new Qva.Scanner();          



                  qva.AuthenticateUrl = '/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx';

      //--            qva.Host="Local";









        <body onload="Init();"> 


      When I run this code, I have the Error : Failed to Open document, path not found.


      Thanks for any help.