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    Account Drill Down


      I have a drill down to show me a specific client name and when clicked drill down into accounts of this client.


      In my report, at the moment this is the only client so it automatically is showing account level instead of grouping it at summary level, so it is showing thousands of accounts instead of the summary even though client name is specified as the highest level of the drill down.


      Is there a way of showing this at a summary level even though there is only 1 client?


      many thanks

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          How many drill down levels you've got?

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              only one drill down, do you have any idea why it is forcing it down to account level?

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                  Christian Conejero

                  Because that's the way it works.

                  A drill group goes down everytime you filter a value of any level.

                  That's way I use most of the times the cyclic one. I can filter and be at the level that I want.

                  Drill down always goes down, or up if you don't filter.


                  In fact, I use drill down groups only if after my explanation, the client want's to have it anyway.



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                      I can't believe that this is the way it works


                      the issue is that I'm not actually drilling down. It is automatically showing the lowest level just because there is only one available dimension. If I add a null dimension it will show a summary that I can click to drill down.


                      I would like in my dimension to show this as a summary and if you click then you drill down to the accounts making this up. It is showing around 2,500 accounts instead of the summary that I would like.


                      From looking at other forum postings like this it appears to be a Qliview issue, rather than the way it should work. It shouldn't be drilling down because there happens to be only one dimension, it looks like I need to work around it.