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    how to connect to a (Oracle) database while the database user password contains a ";" (semicolon)



      in the script, I need to connect via ODBC (btw.: OLE does not work too). The password is like this: "xy:1;z" (without the quotation mark), so the connect string ODBC CONNECT TO [dpdev;DBQ=D] (UserId is abc, Password is xyz:1;z); does not work, because of the ";" . This seems to be ok.

      But quoting the password with single quotes or double quotes does not work.

      Declaring a variable LET xyzPW='dfo\:1\;d'; and changing the connect strinc to "...Password is $(xyzPW)); " does not work, neither with nor without quotes or double quotes.






      Do you have any ideas how to include such a password, containing a ";" into a connect phrase? It is definitelly the ";" in the password.

      Thanks in advance