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    Task never finishes loading (SSIS-EDX )

    Eamonn O'Brien



               I was wondering if someone could help me on a issue that I'm experience at the moment?

      I currently have all my Qlikview taks set up on a SSIS-EDX execution plan. Everything was running fine for the last 25 days until now.

      There was 1 task that could not be successfully executed. (Please find attached the Tasklog file deailing the Task progress).

      In order to stop the task I had to restart all Qlikview services.


           I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before? I have the latest version of Qlikview Installed (11.011440.0 SR2) and the Qlikview Server has 40 CPU and 512 gigs of Ram. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


      Kind Regards


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          my method of error finding:

          1. run by hand from server  and with log  (error in log: data problems, connections problems)

          2 run by hand task

          3 run by hand from SSIS

          4 run all SSIS by hand


          Not find reason ?


          Error possible due to count of parallel proccess of QVB simultaneously running- In SSIS change how many tasks can run simultaniously.


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              Eamonn O'Brien

              Hi Hugo


                   Thanks for getting back to me.

              I believe this issue might have been a rare occurrence as it has not resurfaced for the last 4 days.

              I do believe it is somehow related to an issue with SSIS and the QlikView reload engine where mutual exclusion can occur where 2 SSIS tasks can call a QlikView Reload engine at exactly the same time.

              This usually ends with 1 of the task failing but the above can occur as well if the CPU is under high duress.


              Please let me know what you think?


              Thanks very much.



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              Eamonn O'Brien



                 Although I do not know why this issue occurs. I did discover code for the C# EDX execution application that will abort the Task exceed the specified Timeout.


              An If condition stating the timeout paramentar


              if (Data_Layer.Contains("_Raw")) 


                                                  _timeout = 3600;                    /* 60 minutes For Raw Layer */




              Qlikview C# API command to abort the executiong task.




              If you have any quereis please let me know.