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    Variable to Capture Navigated Sheets and objects

      Hello QlikViewers,


      I want to create a Variable that contains the full path of Document sheet tabs that a user goes through during one session.


      So for Example, when the user opens the document, the Variable = Main

      When goes to Sheet 2, Variable = Main>Sheet2

      When goes to Sheet 3, Variable  = Main>Sheet2>Sheet3 and so on.


      Any ideas?





        • Re: Variable to Capture Navigated Sheets and objects
          Rob Wunderlich

          In my experience this is a bad idea. The breadcrumb is not a good analogy for how a user best uses QV. A QV can be navigated to and from any direction -- that's it's strength.


          I've heard the analogy of a Supermarket used. With traditional query products, you enter the Front Door and proceed to the Soap isle to pick up soap. Next you want Milk, so you head back to the Front Door and then to the Milk isle.


          With Qlikview you go Front Door -> Soap -> Milk. No need to return to the front door.


          So a typical QV sheet interaction may be Main->Sheet1->Sheet2 or it may be Main->Sheet4->Sheet1->Main. What use is a breadcrumb in either case?