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    Unable to revoke doc CAL for a user and delete a doc. from the server


           Have 2 problems.

      a.) I had assigned a doc cal to 3 users for a particular qlikview doc. I wanted to remove that doc., so I removed the access of this 3 users from the doc. and restarted the services. In QMC it still shows CAL assigned to 1 user. I tried this a couple of times but this user doesn't seem to go.

      The user is not connected when I am doing this activity. I am using Qlikview enterprise server 10.  How do I do this ? if I delete the doc.should it resolve the issue.


      b.)There is similar issue I have got, not able to remove/delete a particular document from the server publish folder, even when the services are down. It says the doc is in use. Have tried rebooting the server..still same error ,need your assitance.